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Circular weft knitting machine cloth?

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Circular weft knitting machine cloth?

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 On warp knitting machine needle needle bed said to number on unit length.

 E (machine No. =L (per unit length), 25.4mm (/T inch) needle distance, unit: mm).

 Definition and weft knitting machine knitting machines of the same, only different in the length unit selection. For different on warp knitting machine, the needle bed provisions have the following kinds of length:

(1) 1 inches: a method, is widely used in modern warp knitting machine E28 cases, namely, 28 needles per inch.

(2) 30 mm: the domestic Z303 type with 30mm, 32 cases of pin /30mm, 24 pin /30mm.

(3) 1 de inch (German, 23.6 mm): old machines used earlier, now no longer in use.

(4)25mm : stitch machine use, with the general F said, patients with 12F, namely 12 pin /25mm.

(5) tube knitting machine generally with the tube pitch said, example 3, 5, 7, 10mm.

(6) on raschel machine with a needle to 2 inches, earlier said machine, namely 50.8mm needle in needle number as the machine number in terms of ER, patients with ER32. are beginning to use 1 inch needle number representation. For example machine No. 24, is written in E24.

   Machine, multi bar warp knitting machine generally use the E14, E18, E24 three. The machine number only for MRE32/24SU machine No. E28. jacquard warp knitting machine is sometimes expressed as E6/12, E7/14, E9/18 and E12/24. this means to comb full machine number, and jacquard comb half machine number allocation. In addition, the RJWB series machine number representation for E24/12, which denote the comb full machine number, and jacquard comb half machine number allocation. In addition, machine number and product related purposes, general E14 and E18 used in the production of curtains and tablecloth, E18 and E24 used in the production of lace and mesh garment, machine and machine working width is concerned, the working width becomes wider, lower machine no..

   Weft knitted fabrics, such as sports clothes, usually of underwear, socks and knitted sweaters and other fabric, weft knitting are sequentially formed by horizontal coil. All needles and warp knitting is also pad the yarn into a circle.

   Warp is through a group of warp up to do the vertical movement, with the formation of new knitting knitting coil. Warp knitted fabric and production of warp knitting machine of them, weft knitting machine and weft knitted fabric and production of weft knitted fabric has a fundamentally different. The yarn in the warp knitted fabric in warp knitting is, like woven fabric warp, a warp beam for yarn, warp beam winding on a large number of parallel arrangement similar to beam yarn, woven in. The yarn is warp in the trend of woven fabric. A coil formed a vertical in a row, and then inclined to move to another longitudinal, forming another coil in the next columns. The yarn in the fabric along the length direction from one side to the other side of zig zag forward, a row of each coil are compiled into yarn of different.


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