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Automatic control of fur cut machine

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Automatic control of fur cut machine

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       As the main axis and conveyor belt two motor only forward, the two main circuits are the same, only the main circuit is given a spindle motor, the conveyor belt only need to change the coil contactor. And the main circuit of the two motor of the working table and the flower board is the same, so the main circuit of the working table is given.

      The stroke switch is also known as the limit switch, which is based on the moving parts and the automatic control of the circuit. When the action, a baffle and a roller of the travel switch, so that the contact is switched on or off to control the direction of movement of moving parts, stroke size or position protection.

      The operating frequency is less than or equal to the design of the travel switch 3 /min, so the selection of YBLX-2 series.

      Parameters and technical performance:

      Agreed heating current: 5A;

      Rated voltage: 380V DC220V AC;

      Rated capacity: 200VA DC50W AC;

      Operating frequency: 3 times /min;

      Mechanical life: 4103 times;

      Electrical life: 4103 times;

      Ambient temperature: -25, +40;

      Relative humidity: less than 90%;

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