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The grinding method of less grinding mill or Sifang machinery carding machine

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The grinding method of less grinding mill or Sifang machinery carding machine

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       (1) in the use of the recession and the decline in the use of the square machine needle, the result is that the quality of the students is decreased or the fluctuation range is increased. The negative extension of the use of the needle in the use of the same time is in the interest of others to give up and lose;

      (2) production capacity - the reduction in output of Taiwan not only increases the cost, but also increases the cost of production and management;

      (3) the service life of the needle is measured by the cumulative work output rather than in the period of use, the working time. Reducing output can prolong working hours, but not necessarily prolong the service life of the needle;

      (4) the needle is not worn or worn, and the service life of the needle is not necessarily extended. Because in the use of clothing, tip edge wear is in slowly down the stretch, long time no grinding, will lead to excessive wear of the needle cloth, and in a sharpen must grind wear to sharpen, sometimes due to an unrecoverable and to replace needle cloth.

      Light grinding grinding method of ground mill

      For the use of a new type of metallic wire, two aspects of the situation is the fact that must be recognized. Hand, in today's carding machine output rising, tin carding cloth density continues to increase, even with high quality metal substrate and the optimization of the clothing production process, tin carding cloth tooth tip wear is inevitable, which to the carding quality and stability difficult; on the other hand, the so-called front from the sharpening that passivation of the needle teeth only through sharpening method to restore some of the sharp. Therefore, on the basis of these two facts is not difficult to draw the conclusion, the needle cloth of proper grounding helps overcome wear, create sharp so as to improve the quality. In many instances, also proved this, a company on the before and after grinding raw cotton one node number of Statistics: average number of neps grinding before 20 cars for 84.5 grains / g, grinding after reduced to 74.5 grains / g, a drop of 11.8%. Previous to the grinding exist misunderstanding is that although metal needle cloth manufacturing technology development, but grinding method failed to keep pace with the times caused by. New clothing has a tooth height, shorter tooth depth is shallow, tooth tip thinner, teeth density larger, angle smaller characteristics, simply according to the traditional method of grinding, exert a negative influence to outweigh the positive effects. So now the most important problem is how to grinding, grinding.

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