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What is the size of the artificial long and short plush?

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What is the size of the artificial long and short plush?

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Plush, plush, plush, plush, plush fabric of the artificial fur machine. Villi is divided into two layers, the outer layer is 17 ~ 34dtex abnormity such as kidney shaped, dumbbell shape, polygon shaped fibers of bright, thick straight bristles; in layer linter fibers fineness is 1.7 ~ 5.6dtex.

Artificial fur coats, commonly used clothing lining, hats, collars, toys, bedding, interior decoration and carpet etc..

A method of manufacturing (knitting, warp and weft stitch) and woven, weft knitting method to the fastest, the most widely used. Knitting, carding mechanism the tops were dispersed into single fiber form, needle grab fiber set into the bottom yarn woven into a circle, because of a "V" shape villi in the coil, knitted fabric bottom shape, not hair loss.

Imitation of animal fur made by artificial method. Acrylic, modified acrylic, polyvinyl chloride and other raw materials can be used for artificial fur, with AN-VDC more appropriate.

Manufacturing methods are knitted, woven, and velvet fur, etc.. Commonly used artificial fur manufacturing coat, clothing lining and accessories, etc..

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