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Acrylic fiber artificial fur field proportion

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Acrylic fiber artificial fur field proportion

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To further explore the characteristics and application field of dry spun acrylic fiber, and downstream users together to develop new markets, improve enterprise technology innovation ability and the profit ability, Qilu acrylic plant adhere to take poor dissimilation of product development, has a broad market prospect of artificial fur field looking glance. They on the basis of in-depth understanding of market trends and sales information collected artificial fur with acrylic samples careful analysis, to in the second half of the year using a homemade spinning test device of exploratory testing, according to the artificial fur raw material style, combined with the excellent characteristics of dry spun acrylic fiber, through improved technology, to expand the process capability, improve product quality, to further develop the artificial fur market in the end and part to enter the high-end market.

In the investigation of artificial fur market at the same time, the factory also to keep abreast of the application and characteristics of coarse denier acrylic fiber, and downstream users to negotiate the matters related to coarse denier blanket yarn, lay a good foundation for the development of coarse denier products.

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