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Snow boots sales Myth: originated in the true fur, the trend is artificial fur

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Snow boots sales Myth: originated in the true fur, the trend is artificial fur

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Snow boots in the world of dragons and fishes jumbled together. In accordance with the "fur" the most obvious characteristics of the snow boots, snow boots also tens of dollars mark fur. "Don't count the gross cost of a pair of real sheepskin boots to how much money? Cost one hundred nabuxialai. Fur down a total of dozens of pieces, it is impossible. Is it true that you think of it." A Wenzhou shoe boss told the author. In the face of such a market, how do we know snow boots?

Heavy and beautiful

The wide sales of artificial fur machine snow boots in China is a myth. Two years ago, overnight, snow boots suddenly become a fashion for young people to buy a single product.

First eye see snow boots will be beyond the comprehension of the ugly bulky shape, is so a boots swept the land of Europe and Asia, is now all over the world have whipped up a popular wind, the wind is the European and American mainstream stars in and brought.

In the author's impression, the best-selling snow boots with Rome shoes and so on. The first is the online deal, a year to see the real thing in the mall. The network price is two hundred or three hundred, the mall genuine price is two thousand or three thousand. Whether it is genuine, or imitation goods, marked above are "ugg", so that the author for a long time, ugg is a brand of snow boots.

In fact, the snow boots were originally called boots ugly, and later referred to as ugg. Ugg boots is a war period, the rise in Australia's, Australian pilots with two pieces of lambskin wrapped into shoes to wear in the feet warm, then gradually in the Australian pop open. Now more popular brands are: Australia jomvox, ugg, EMU, Mou, excellent CGM, earth yellow, etc..

There is a story about the rise of snow boots. Is said to the seventies of the 19th century a young man in Australia will whole sheep wool, hand-made formation outside is leather, which is a rough surface boots. This boot is breathable and soft. This accidental discovery has become the prototype of a great product. "Snow boots are very practical. It is very warm in winter. Stars and love to wear, or a fashion. This for me this cold-blooded person, ugg boots is really a good choice." Accessories in Xidan, Beijing, the author interviewed a number of people who wear snow boots. These wearing snow boots warm function for praise. Ugg boots collocation short down jacket, sweater, stovepipe pants, some star fan children.

From its start-up and later development, the biggest feature of snow boots is fur. Sheep fur is one of the high prices, which comes from the various processing procedures, the strict requirements of precision, high prices of raw materials, chemical raw materials.

Material of dragons and fishes jumbled together

From the market sales of snow boots, a large part of the snow boots on the contrary to the initial "fur one" idea. According to industry analysts, the current market cheap snow boots are mainly the following conditions:

The 1 is outside the suede cloth, which is artificial wool. Is the name of a cloth, soft soft, and matte effect like leather style, but the price is very cheap, usually in a lot of thin boots frequently used. Artificial wool used in chemical fiber is made, the gloss is very bright, but bright, very fake, like plastic light perception, is dry and hard, no level and three-dimensional sense, no texture.

The 2 is outside the suede woolen cloth. This material, which is used in one side of the wool, the price is very low.

The 3 is outside the cattle two layer of skin, which is also called cashmere, wool. Cashmere is very cheap, and cloth. Artificial hair, it has been said above.

The 4 is outside the cattle two layer of skin, which is also called cashmere, wool. This is more than three seconds to a relatively good point. But the sheep and sheep fur can not be compared to the quality, price difference is not a grade.

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