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Process for cutting jacquard knitting circular knitting machine

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Process for cutting jacquard knitting circular knitting machine

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Cutting knitting circular machine in the ring in the heald heald heald hung with a hammer, in the shed, depending on the weight of return function. When the corrugated plate holes, transverse needle back through the convex head, push the corresponding straight needle, the straight needle hook from the knife, therefore and straight needle connected heddles and the warp are not ascending, the warps sink below, formation of lower shed. Therefore, the movement of each warp wire is according to pattern plate with holes or free to decide, the holes in the panel lines is according to design pattern and organization of the rolling into requirements, so the warp motion is in line with the patterns and organizational requirements.
You must press the red button to stop the two about 1 maintenance, said the machine is in the process of maintenance.
2, is strictly prohibited across the fence, up and down the stairs slowly, carefully, beware slip.
3, it is strictly prohibited to plate bridge rods detachment, arbitrary hanging frame and rolled and Longmen ground, equipment and workers.
4, shall not be arbitrarily placed tools to prevent falling off, get rid of the accidents caused by operation.
5, because the maintenance needs of mobile security baffle, to the end of maintenance should be timely restoration of homing.
6, maintenance after boot, should first idling operation more than 2 Wei, confirmed normal can express operation, confirming the cloth quality was normal, the normal operation of equipment to leave the maintenance machines.

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