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Five step to identify the authenticity of fur boots

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Five step to identify the authenticity of fur boots

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First of all, from the identification certificate or inspection report. Big brands or specification of the company one fur boots in front of domestic sales will be in accordance with the domestic each big market entry requirements to China's footwear authoritative testing organizations - Footwear national quality testing center inspection, the testing center will be a fur one inspection report issued by. Once such a report is identified as one of the fur boots, the basic is not fake fur boots. Similar to the UGG brand stores, COZYSTEPS brand counters and so can provide such a test report.

Second, judging from the price. Market of 500 yuan or less fur boots, considered from the point of view of cost, are almost impossible to fur one, unless manufacturers orders poop, if lucky enough to Amoy to the price of the fur boots, very lucky. Because the Australian lamb skin is very expensive, fur boots raw materials combined with manufacturing costs, the cost is generally higher;

In addition, the purchase place or channel. In the boutique department store or brand stores selling price of 1000 yuan or so, are real fur. The quality of the net sales of boots is not guaranteed. It is reported that, similar to UGG, COZYSTEPS and other well-known foreign brands in China has not yet authorized online sales network.

The other common methods for the identification of fur and fur boots:

1, one fur coat to the surface of the shoe pile is short, fine, velvet, the color is pure and no obvious chromatic aberration; boots better stiffness and soft.

2, the most critical is the wool boots in the hair. Real one fur, hair density, back cover of consistency, shiny, feel smooth and elastic, and artificial wool general hair is neat, Mao was dull and rough. Or burn the wool on the boots. If an immediate carbide black ashes and singeing the taste, is a natural fur; such as immediately melted or burned at shrank into a ball, and a burning plastic smell, artificial fur.

Junction 3, parted hair and skin, if every hair follicle have 3-4 root hairs evenly distributed in the skin panel, is a natural fur; if significant latitude and longitude lines or cloth shape, artificial fur. In addition, hand pulling fur, pull into natural fur, and pull up is artificial fur;

4, fur, one just as its name implies, is refers to the skin and hair is natural one of the sheep fur, with natural consistency, which is sticky and cashmere of Maoneili boot;

5, wool boots appearance, packaging and other details.

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