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The truth about fur

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The truth about fur

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According to reports, there is no difference between fur animal breeding and other animal breeding, fur animal welfare standards even higher than other farming industry. Global fur farming industry is subject to strict management of local agricultural departments or agencies. Fur industry attaches great importance to animal welfare, to ensure that the fur animal has plenty of space for activities, adequate nutrition and health environment, a full range of medical environment. And take the skin must also take a painless, humane way.

Fur is the first human clothing, fur culture with human civilization, is the legend of the cultural heritage. Modern fur industry began in nineteenth Century, has been more than 100 years of history. With the pig, horse, cattle, sheep, chicken and other industries, with the development of modern animal husbandry, fur products into the lives of ordinary consumers.

Today, more than 90% of the market's fur products are farmed, the use of fur products and will not destroy the ecological system, causing damage to the nature. Good management of the plant, but also through the production of waste gas production of biogas and organic fertilizer, to contribute to the environment. Fur products bring people warm and fashion, is one of the most popular clothing fabrics. At the same time, it is also durable, biodegradable natural fabrics, can be naturally decomposed, return to nature. And "artificial fur" and other chemical fiber products, but it is a non degradable "non environmental protection" products, buried hundreds of years can not be degraded, and the non renewable resources caused by greater consumption.

China is the world's largest fur processing center, the largest fur farming base, the largest fur consumer market. Each year, nearly 75% of the world's high-quality fur raw materials are imported to China, completed processing and sold to the world. In 2015, China's total imports and exports of fur products amounted to 56524 tons, a total amount of us $. Fur farming and processing industry to benefit the "three rural", in the income of farmers, rural economic development contribution.

China fur industry in the retail, import and export and other areas of circulation, for the country's foreign exchange, income, solve the problem of labor employment has played a long-term and important role. In the current economic downward pressure, the retail industry downturn in the background, fur products in the maintenance of market stability is of great significance.

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