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Types of looms

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Types of looms

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Traditionally, the use of circular knitting machine can be divided into two categories: weaving and knitting. Including the original loom shuttle and shuttleless looms with modern shuttleless looms, mainly rapier loom, air-jet loom, water jet loom and gripper loom. Warp and weft knitting machine is divided into two categories, under which there are many small categories.

The knitting class, China weaving machinery products development is uneven, the circular knitting machine and knitting machine development, knitting machine, hosiery machine is relatively slow, the rapid development of crochet machine. Domestic circular knitting machine used in a wide range of basic products has been relatively complete, single, double circular knitting machine, knitting machine and artificial fur machine series. Four pin, Terry (single circular knitting machine in positive bags and anti package), weft insertion, multifunctional single machine etc..

The diameter of the cylinder in the past commonly used 30 inches on the basis of development of up to 38 to 40 inches, machine number from the needle from the E28 to E32 ~ E36; double circular knitting machine in cotton machine, two four double-sided machine, jacquard double machine; rib machine has become the series, cotton machine and rib machine can realize mutual conversion; electronic jacquard circular knitting machine is a breakthrough, to fill the blank Chinese; artificial fur machine has a sliver and boa type two, computer jacquard artificial fur machine has been mass production and supply.

According to the classification method of woven weft weaving loom and can be divided into two major categories of shuttleless loom. There is the traditional shuttle loom (wood or plastic shuttle shuttle loom.). The large volume, heavy weight, was repeatedly between projection, machine vibration, noise, high speed and low efficiency. Method of weft shuttleless loom is varied, rapier, jet (jet), projectile, multi shed (multi phase) and weaving etc..

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